Apeiron is making its debut at AACR


Dr. Fred Aswad, SVP of Biology at Apeiron will present preclinical data on GTAEXS617, a novel, orally bioavailable, selective small-molecule inhibitor of CDK7 discovered using AI-driven drug discovery. GTAEXS617 is currently in IND-enabling studies. Preclinical data demonstrates that GTAEXS617 has favorable drug like properties and exhibits potent anti-tumour activity in HGSOC and TNBC xenograft tumour-bearing mice, resulting in complete tumour regression. Furthermore, by leveraging Exscientia’s precision oncology platform, Apeiron and Exscientia are examining the impact of GTAEXS617 on primary patient cancer samples to identify predictive biomarkers that may enable patient and indication enrichment in early clinical development.

The AACR Conference (American Association for Cancer Research) being held in New Orleans from April 8-13, 2022, is the focal point of the cancer research community.

Stay tuned for Apeiron session:
Title: AI-driven discovery and profiling of GTAEXS-617, a selective and highly potent inhibitor of CDK7
Session Title: Emerging New Anticancer Agents
Abstract Number: #3930
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 13 / 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM CT